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The conference is a place for discussion among researchers, service providers, authorities and parents, who join efforts to develop the comprehensive support system for people with ASD in Russia

Why is the conference Autism.The Route Choice important?

The 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference Autism.The Route Choice will soon take place in The Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. Its objective is to create a place where the most important issues and challenges concerning support of people with ASD in Russia will be discussed.

Researchers, practitioners, rectors, authorities, parents of children with ASD, journalists, cultural influencers, and fellows in the sphere of NPOs will come together to talk to each other.

Why and for whom are these talks so important? And why do we still see so little progress in building a support system for people with ASD in Russia? Because all the changes in social sphere are only feasible, when all the stakeholders are in accord with each other and by ‘necessary changes’ mean the same actions. And lion’s share of time is spent on trying to agree on the what the changes should look like, not on carrying out these changes.

As wee see it, though some work is already done, it is obvious that there is still no agreement on all the matters concerning the creation of support system for people with ASD in Russia. The participants of The 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference Autism.The Route Choice will discuss the basic unsolved problems. Who may serve as an expert when it comes to distributing resources for supporting children and adults with ASD? How should the practices and methods of intervention be selected? What can the strategy of the creation of the support system rely on? How can its effectiveness be measured?

Partner-ministries of the conference will present the reports, where their vision will be conveyed. Experts will share their scientific findings and practical experience. Heads of the organizations founded by parents of children with ASD will moderate the dialogue between the public authorities, scientists and practitioners. We invite all the concerned. The Way Out Foundation.

Conference structure

On the basis of the course of life of a person with ASD all the events are divided into four blocks


Early detection of children in ASD risk-groups. Early diagnosis. Raising parental awareness. Pediatricians training. Implementation of state-of-art diagnostic tools for ASD

Early intervention

Evidence-based interventions for young children with ASD. Family-centered approach. Parents as providers of effective interventions. Parent training programs


International practices and approaches to education of children with ASD. Methods and practices in teaching processes. Models of special education environment for children with ASD. Training of specialists who work with autistic children within Russian education system

Life in the Society

Assisted living and employment for people with ASD. Infrastructure solutions to facilitate daily living of people with ASD. Adaptation issues of adults with ASD in work collective. Daytime employment for people with severe ASD and other mental disbarilities


To analyze international research data, and to study the most effective methods (both Russian and international) for supporting children and adults with ASD


Design and creation of the comprisensive support system for people with ASD in Russia by accumulating scientific, professional, governmental and parental resources


At the discussion of goals and objectives are present researchers, who specialize in various aspects of ASD, service providers: clinicians, teachers, kindergarten head teachers and teachers, public authorities, heads of Russian organizations founded by parents of children with ASD


The first dayof the conference targets public authorities. The programme comprises plenary sessions, describing the course of work on creating a comprehensive support system for children and adults with ASD in Russia, and speeches by public officials.

The second and the third days of the conference comprise lectures, discussion groups, panel discussions and workshops of the leading international and Russian professionals in the field of ASD.

Activity types of the conference attendees: planry sessions, sectional discussions, workshops.

Working languages: Russian and English.
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