Since 2014 The Way Out Foundation has been hosting Autism.The Route Chioce Conference biennially. The event was to take place this year too. Unfortunately, epidemiological situation in Russia and the whole world forces us to postpone the conference for 2021.

The Way Out Foundation is well aware that in the current situation, when we receive news about new cases of coronavirus, people have to refrain from going to public places and all those who travel internationally have to be in quarantine, it is simply unacceptable to host such an event. The Way Out Foundation offer words of support to everyone who is affected by the virus.

Autism.The Route Choice Conference will remain the place where parents of children with ASD, practitioners, scientists and authorities have an opportunity to communicate, where the experts in the field of ASD deliver speeches and translate the state-of-art scientific findings, and where representatives from parental organisations can share their thoughts on the future of their children and find new perspectives. See you all in 2021.

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